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Ah! You’ve come to the right place, someone who likes to shop around but we guarantee that this’ll be the last place you will have to stop.
Take advantage of our year round prices! We have no holiday specials because our prices are already lower than the competition! We offer many services not just Heating and cooling but we are more geared towards making the homeowner feel as comfortable as the possibly can, hence the name. We are not a cold “mechanical” company we strive on focusing our experience and education on creating a comfortable climate inside your living quarters, through not only just heating it and cooling it, but through air quality, simplicity and did we mention comfort? We can vacate stale air and bring in clean fresh filtered air in from the outdoors so you never have to open your windows to expose yourself to the polluted dusty smelly odors that come with that and let us not forget all the allergies caused by the outdoors.

We can also raise humidity to a satisfying level or decrease it like in basements where moisture always likes to lurk. Which then can bring the inevitable mold which can be very destructive to the structure of your home and hazardous to your health, we can install new technologies at an very affordable rate that can eliminate that such as Ultra violet lighting for airflow or coil treatment, stopping it where it likes to grow, and also for the airborne viruses and bacteria’s as well incorporating a PHI cell which is used in hospitals in Florida, where it is typically humid and a wetter climate.

So if this is your stop then we will be more than happy to accommodate you in the rest of your quest…
Please don’t hesitate! To Call now and… G.E.T.COMFORTABLE …in your home!

Sincerely, Tom Schweig Owner

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